Unveiling extensive variation within the somatic genome

Using the most accurate and sensitive sequencing technology in the world, Quotient’s platform reveals a new universe of somatic genome variation, uncovering novel links between genes and disease and revealing a path to create transformative therapeutics with naturally selected targets.

This first ever Somatic Genomics platform uses four key steps to study human natural target selection: phenotyping, isolation, genotyping and computation.

Phenotype cells from diseased human tissue

Using clinical samples, diseased tissue is deeply phenotyped to identify cells that are showing disease pathology and those that appear healthy.

Isolate cells of interest

Cells are isolated for sequencing, enriching for the right cell types and for phenotypes of interest.

Genotype mutations at unprecedented resolution

Single-molecule genotyping identifies somatic mutations that drive a phenotype with high confidence, demonstrating a 10 million-fold better error rate than standard approaches.

Compute the most promising drug targets

With the first comprehensive somatic genomics dataset, naturally selected genes, proteins and pathways are identified through proprietary computation pipelines for the development of transformative therapies to cure, prevent or reverse disease.

Platform Advantages

Somatic Genomics is the next revolution in genetics with key advantages to identify novel targets and better understand health and disease.

Disease biology naturally selects for key somatic phenotypes that can be linked to specific genes. Our Somatic Genomics platform can identify a broad scope of genes undetected by traditional population genetics approaches using fewer patients. This detailed resolution enables unprecedented insight and the ability to create truly transformative therapies.


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