Turning genetic insights into cures

At Quotient, we’re unlocking a new universe of therapeutic possibilities with our Somatic Genomics platform. Our unprecedented insights into genes, proteins, and pathways linked to disease direct us towards the best path for drug development. The most promising approaches are cross-validated with rigorous experimental evidence, producing integrated data-driven designs for first-in-class drugs.

Scientist in lab coat holding and staring at sample in a microtube.

Near limitless possibilities

Somatic genomics has been successfully deployed in many different diseases and has the potential to drive transformative treatments and cures across therapeutic areas including immune disease, cardiometabolic disease, infectious disease, oncology, neurodegenerative disease, rare disease, aging, and many others.

Drug modality flexibility

Our medicines are not constrained by a single modality. We look to our own biology to guide our path forward, aligning drug development with the optimal therapeutic approach. From small molecules to antibodies, antisense oligonucleotides, and beyond, we view each of these as a tool to build real-world medicines using somatic genomics.


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